Making Homes Safer Places to Live

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Top U.S. & World Headlines — Sep 26, 2022 – Hurricane Fiona ~ 6:38 - 7:44 – Nova Scotia Canada Makes World Headlines.

Our research, editing, publishing, and consulting business is called Habitat for Health (H4H). We specialize in locating hypoallergenic materials and useful technology to accommodate people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) because it makes the buildings we commission healthier, safer and less expensive. Join our GAIA Fan Club to sign up for a Habitat for Health Dome Home drop shipped to where you want have your safe house built.

Unfortunately, climate change affects the outside air and continues to accumulate harmful wastes at a faster rate than nature can wash it away with rain, allowing it to be stored on land and in water for recycling. Indoor environmental control is a basic requirement throughout most homes. From ceilings to floors, windows to doors, many people want to make their home safer place to live.

People with MCS, are the human equivalent of a canary in the mine, dying from toxic airborne chemicals. MCS is found in people who experience headaches, respiratory distress, extreme fatigue, and neurological symptoms such as brain fog, dizziness, and vertigo after being exposed to many chemicals like car exhaust, perfume, household chemicals, paints, even new plastics in household items and chemicals in new clothing.