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News & Notes on Shelter, Medical and Nutrition Shortage in Victoria B.C.

Latest UN report on Climate Change.

Protecting human life, and subsequently all other life we refer to as GAIA, a better chance to fend off the impacts of financial inequities in both life and lifestyle, Habitat for Health (H4H) creates bottom-up strategies to level the playing field in terms of financial support for ecological restoration and sustainable eco-economic growth in areas where it is most required.

Today, as the timer counts, the reality of a quest for help is again submitted to government representatives to refresh an update to the H4H IDEA application.

First and foremost, building shelters in areas with adequate ecological natural healing potential, such as Vancouver Island, remains a financial improbability without appropriate funds. I do not understand why income should be changed to be fixed below the poverty line rather than above it or at least high enough to cover the costs of MCS specialized needs for affordable housing, healthcare, and nutrition.

Second, persons with MCS require regular access to medical care from a personal physician to judicially select prescriptions to screen for potentially hazardous chemicals. Unless any level of Canadian government plans to coerce one of the richest nations into becoming one of the poorest and sickest in the world, why medical funding that worsen life for both patients and medical professionals are now being withheld or diverted.

Third, enough money to support persons with MCS and their families including insurance, medical, and all unforeseen related claims as they become known

No Canadian born citizen should be forced to live below the poverty line without any means to control illness, to work in dangerous conditions, without a personal doctor to qualify systemic medical help and whole, chemical free food, clothing and shelter. The difference today is now being caused by government process.

PBS: Remembering Judy Heumann's lasting contributions to disability rights | March 07, 2023 | 3:50

I had never heard of Judy Heumann until I started to write this article and can confirm that each time a housing vacancy is filled within two months by a working person and (not) one person with MCS is (not) housed to meet their unique needs, their legal equality is not maintained. I'll remember Judy Heumann's lasting contributions to disability rights forever to always rekindle the fire in me.

If twenty five percent of Canada’s population has or is susceptible to MCS then by not recognizing them by fixing the causes and treating them ASAP, the most devastating health problems will be known as the most preventable economic and ecological disasters ever fostered in and by governments at all levels.

Every time the issue of distinct but equal is brought up, the challenges associated with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities are intensified, and the fury of MCS-affected disabled individuals countrywide will be equal to the inequity of their treatment—or lack thereof. It will catch fire. There will continue to be needless suffering and early deaths until the government starts to see the absurdity of their dystopian ambitions.

However, if Habitat for Health stance on MCS is true, then it follows that it will be true to everyone who chooses to participate, and when all else fails, peaceful solutions to ecological lifestyle and economic growth is not only possible, it's ecologically preferable, economically profitable, and delivers the maximum benefit for all concerned.

Brian Hack is my name, and I'm dedicated to finding peaceful answers for new leadership and innovative thought. For more than ten years, my now-retired doctor was able to help me control my MCS and treatable symptoms by using the letter from the occupational physician who diagnosed me, Dr. Cole.

What's so rational or irrational in the following scenarios?

My pension was drastically reduced and the following has ballooned economic costs and increased my pain and suffering:

  1. Eviction resulted in the loss of a location for recuperation, escape from dangerous outside toxic exposure, and sufficient interior isolation to heal what is repairable.
  2. Before the government established a waiting list for doctors, my most recent doctor retired.
  3. I now need a native English-speaking medical professional with knowledge of how to treat individuals with MCS to pick up where the retired one left off after more than one and a half years on the medical wait list.
  4. Who do I call when an emergency represents real aggravation to my MCS as well as a perceived treatable conditions?
  5. Why not integrate a year-round indoor vegetable garden to be built into a dome home and also know the produce is non GMO 100% organic that can also be replicated with seed crops instead of continuing to pay for and prepare whole foods that are also important to healing?

The termination of more than 30 years managing causes and effects of MCS to live life independently upon eviction is harmful not helpful. Since my diagnosis, I have frequently filled out forms. I received financial aid from my family and the government to attend university via online learning, learning from my mistakes along the way. Today, I find myself back where I was before, pondering how the better part of a lifetime's worth of investment from all parties could suddenly be severed without warning or respite.

Where there is a will, there may even be a means to build a GAIA Fan Club Dome to grow fresh air with houseplants to purify the air exchange in homes or offices, or to add a four-season organic food supply that could also serve as a guest house or a place of an escape for visitors with MCS. I believe I can demonstrate how to fund and own a private, autonomous 1,000 square foot dome home suitable for persons who live with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

Protecting human life, and subsequently all other life we refer to as GAIA, a better chance to fend off the impacts of financial inequities in both life and lifestyle, Habitat for Health (H4H) creates bottom-up strategies to level the playing field in terms of financial support for ecological restoration and economic growth in areas where it is most required.

Key Takeaways

  • Shelter, a kitchen with access to a year-round vegetable garden, and living area for social interaction are necessary to establish a healing space within a living space.
  • To mediate between MCS patients and understand conflict with the available medical resources, particularly when it comes to prescriptions, a medical doctor with an interest in learning how to treat people with MCS is essential.
  • Knowing the source of the food supply is crucial for removing as many known contaminants from the diet of people with MCS as feasible.

Compare Canadian and American Climate Disaster Response

"The cost isn't just in dollars and cents, it's in human lives."

Hurricane Fiona Makes Landfall in Canada, Sep 24, 2022

Maxwell Alejandro Frost On Florida’s Climate Crisis Sep 29, 2022

Designing Government Score Cards

Given that everyone must pay for their own storm damage costs out of their income, personal taxes, sales taxes, as well as for business and industrial products and services, why doesn't funding for the protection of (GAIA) life systems and private property increase proportionally?

In order to give human life, and by extension all other life we name GAIA, a better opportunity to withstand the effects of funding both life and lifestyle inequities, Habitat for Health (H4H) develops strategies to level the playing field in terms of finance directed toward ecological repairs and economic growth where its most needed, bottom-up national federal and local provincial persons who need it most.

If governments aren't moving in the direction of ecological repairs and economic growth to repair, rebuild, and build more sustainably, it is reasonable to expect proof of success at every investment level, from business cutbacks in emissions and increase in funding to bottom-up participants.

In other words, quantifiable measures must be used to assess environmental gains in terms of pollution reductions and a commensurate rise in the proportion of clean air.Habitat for Health is interested in helping to create proofs of concept for housing MCS patients as they are already suffering from chemical harm as a result of airborne pollution.

The owner claims that his prototype eco-buildings and villages, which include permaculture gardens with surplus capacity for market employment and shared transportation, can be built in less than six months and be operational within a year to demonstrate that four-season market gardening is feasible not only personally but locally as well, can be built as more affordable, stronger, and safer housing and offer safer places and markets for the target groups.

The worst course of action, whether it is intended to be so or not, is to evict any senior citizen with MCS or other respiratory illness because air pollution is still a global problem that contributes to climate change, as well as air pollution inside and outsite our homes. Yet the author is still waiting for suitable housing after more than 1 year.

Unfortunately, the increasing millions of susceptible individuals who are just now beginning to get sick from exposure to air pollution, climate change, and the ensuing structural roadblocks in the economy, politics, and society are being treated as "due process."

So even if you don't want to join the  GAIA Fan Club, the least you can do is ask elected officials, why doesn't funding for the protection of habitats for health and private property damage increase proportionally to what government demands from us?

Key Takeaways

  • The cost of inaction is far greater than the cost of prompt, effective action when it comes to mitigating climate disasters.
  • Both infrastructure and human lives must be factored into the cost of climate change calculations.
  • We must look ahead and push for both reforms to make sure we can do everything we can to protect lives and create safe communities for future generations.
  • Could the continued standoff between the federal and provincial governments be a sign of underlying wider spread cases of elder discrimination and environmental abuse or something else?


March 28, 2023

Treating Seniors with MCS

The main reason I'm looking for help is because after being evicted I lost my only place to recuperate from exposure to airborne toxins outside. According to the clock on this website, I have been without a home for one year, six months, and as of this writing, 23 days.

Secondly, in order to receive consistent medical care, it's essential to visit the same doctor, particularly when it comes to prescriptions that might contain bonding agents like polyethylene. Because of this, I need to interview a medical professional to treat me as soon as possible who is fluent in English and who also has some knowledge of MCS or is interested in learning more about treating this quickly spreading environmental illness that affects close to 25% of North Americans.

I need clear answers about what can be done to guarantee that bureaucratic recommendations not only address my medical needs but also those of the millions of other people who need proactive care instead of waiting in line for the current, highly dangerous, unnecessary, life-threatening, reactive treatment policy that is in place. This way, unnecessary trips to the emergency room can be avoided without making anyone sicker.

When I could afford it, the effects of my MCS illness were under control and I had a home that was appropriately equipped. After being evicted, (for lack of funds) I've waited more than one and a half years for suitable housing that includes a place to recover from increasing exposure to airborne toxins. Another crucial factor for my health is to be able to insure a healthy food supply, preparation and storage areas.

Coincidentally, I've been waiting even longer for a doctor who can help me manage my risks because the longer I go without checkups, the higher my risk is for health issues, hospital stays, and skyrocketing, unnecessary, administration expenses that serve no useful purposes. And I am just one of many in B.C.

The main outcome I'm looking for is that the money, now being spent while waiting for suitable accommodation, be used to cover the costs of actually restoring the conditions that will allow me to live more affordably, in a place where I can manage my illness for as long as possible, a savvy personal doctor, and an opportunity to qualify for sufficient IDEA funding, so that this scenario never happens again.

The IDEA funding proposal I submitted again in February, if accepted, will provide me and others like me with options for unique healthy and environmentally-friendly home and community. I await your earliest reply with contact names, addresses, phone numbers and/or email because the contact information I've already used continues to leave me in a holding pattern without feedback I can act on.



Reintegration of Persons With MCS c.2023

I need answers not more questions to discover who can actually restore my necessities for life!
  1. Why would the government at all levels want to interfere with my income and supply chain after spending 30 years honing my capacity for managing the effects of MCS and live my life independently?
  2. Why don't I already have a place to recover in and be safe from harmful toxic exposure?
  3. Why don't I have access to a physician who can continue monitoring my manageable symptoms?
  4. Why do I lack the funds necessary to purchase and prepare the whole foods that are also a component of my MCS health maintenance programme?

When all 4 questions are answered in the form of trustworthy solutions for living what's left of my life, the clock begins to tick down and indicates when I start to heal again.

I'll consider this existential issue to be resolved when I feel as good as or better than before the prolonged abusive and now life threatening action began Sept. 2021.

Habitat for Health existential fix has something most people don't have, everyone needs, is priced for sale & priced for profit.

GAIA Fan Club Executive Summary

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December 16, 2022, I met with two B.C. Community Integration Specialists to check that my combined income from CPP, OAS, and GIS was not more than $1679.23 without any tax deductions. Up until I got hurt at work thirty years ago, that was pretty much my weekly income.

Winter has come, I'm still living in my car, and while I wait in line for housing, I have no chance of obtaining acceptable shelter before nature takes its course. Unfortunately, the government paid my claim last, which reduced the value of my lifetime work compensation by more than 75%.

Contrary to claims that "The Government of Canada is committed to supporting seniors after a lifetime of hard work. That’s why the Government of Canada has taken historic measures to improve financial security for the oldest seniors." [Source]

Ha! I'm not the oldest senior at 71. I'm a senior with a disability who needs a healing environment to recuperate from exposure to man-made chemicals and now, even some natural cold ones. Historically, up to today, it still looks like the lights are on but nobody's home, still.

I seek compensation on the basis of my actual, personal experience with an incurable neurological disease called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), which I developed while working in the printing industry. My plan is to replace lost income that was wrongfully withheld and reduce my costs associated with managing my disability until I die, as well as CURE the Cause of current events that is now accelerating my untimely death.

Who is left to see, because all I see is the lights are on but nobody's home. Who is available to advocate for me to hold the government accountable for also failing to reduce the toxic emissions that continue to affect an estimated 25% of North America's population who already have MCS or are susceptible to it?

Who will disclose the funding for stifling initiatives like Habitat for Health when civil service public relations is so clear about what they want us to believe?

Before their actions and inaction end not only my life but the lives of those who could profit from the work I have done with my life, I am still awaiting a response to the application I submitted last year to fund my project.

Why on earth doesn't someone fund Habitat for Health, which specialises in locating and developing land to use low-cost, high-yield Permaculture gardening, widely available hypoallergenic materials, and the most useful home technology in order to design, build, and maintain the most cost-effective solution to ease costs of helping people with MCS control their particular symptoms, permaculture clean up, jobs, and transportation?

If the government is moving so slowly to make substantive changes to salaries, projects, rules, and hired tradespeople, it suggests that supply won't ever catch up with demand, and when budget cuts cause "The Clock of Slow Resolution" to tick up to an earlier death, the situation changes completely into something that no right-thinking voter would support.

Because everyone is responsible for covering their own storm damage costs out of their income for things like very specific insurance, personal taxes, sales taxes, as well as for commercial and industrial goods and services, I have to wonder why the opportunity for funding private projects for the protection of (GAIA) life systems and private property developers like Habitat for Health doesn't increase proportionately for elderly people with disabilities.

Otherwise, the REALITY of Old Age Security is CURRENTLY BEING negated.