Adaptive Dome Housing and Resource Development

Many Ways to Live, Learn, Work and Play.

GAIA Fan Club

The GAIA Fan Club © (GFC) holds license to club properties as do co-owners in proportion to their own share holds. Wealth is accrued and measured as a factor of time paid forward into individual GFC estates. Individuals are paid time credits and other forms of capital into their own GFC time bank. GFC co-owned property can be exchanged, shared, leased, or rented. In the event of co-owned property sale outright the property can be assessed for taxes if required.

Brian Hack, founder of H4H, is focused on sequential plantings both indoors and outdoors to provide year-round produce for the eco-village and surplus sales to nearby customers as part of an ecological food supply, employment, and economic opportunities. He bases this on Bill Mollison's award-winning theories and practices.

 Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless labor; and of looking at plants and animals in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single product system.
— Bill Mollison

The goal of H4H + GFC is to create cooperatively owned Eco-villages. Trusties are collective owners of individual leaseholds. Permaculture methods are used to manage land on their own and cooperatively to lower settlement design costs as new restorative ecological and agricultural economic opportunities arise.

Individuals, couples, families, and neighbours collectively own a GFC Farm as parcels of land while looking for more affordable ways to co-own property with a variety of options for ecological recovery, habitation, rental, lease, joint ownership, or individual sale.

  • Agriculture from bees to honey and year round planting and harvests
  • Employment from planting, picking, packaging and delivery to seeds and to tables.
  • Permaculture management choices make GAIA Fan Club opportunities unique.

TimeBank Coin can be exchanged for GAIA Fan Club products and services or exchanged for money or other coin valued products. Habitat for Health supplies housing kits, employment, and Permaculture ways and means to get what a person needs to live long and prosper in style. Money may be included but is not necessary for a learn as you earn, DIY, healthy, wealthy life.

To establish cooperatively owned eco-villages that employ Permaculture to autonomously and collaboratively manage land to divide settlement design expenses and unlock novel restorative ecological and agricultural economic prospects, Habitat for Health extends an invitation to individuals, couples, families, and neighbours seeking more cost-effective TimeBank methods to co-own property with numerous alternatives for habitats, rental, lease, joint ownership, or sale.



Invest  Own  Rent  Sell  Live

learn, earn and prosper


  • Hypoallergenic adaptive dome structures
  • Lower healthy housing costs and DIY supply chain options
  • Harden domes to resist fire, flood, wind, snow and other natural challenges
  • Low maintenance high performance appliances
  • Low cost appliance swaps or upgrades
  • Independent off grid waste, water, and power utilities
  • Permaculture design and upgrades

  • Easy adaptable multi-use work from home utility
  • Climate, fire, flood and wind resistant
  • Inflation resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • Self sufficient

  • Great ways to interact with the able disabled
  • Hypoallergenic adaptive dome structures
  • Assessment of local value added projects can be based on proffered agreement



Learn  Build  Teach  Earn


  • Become a GAIA Fan Club (GFC) Member
  • Join our barter credit exchange
  • Learn about eco-eco relations
  • Choose a path to learn more
  • Sign up for pay-it-forward gigs
  • Rent room and board with credits
  • Apply to build your own dome home

  • Build adaptive dome structures
  • Grow market garden produce
  • Sell surplus to local markets
  • Prosper from GAIA Fan Club activities
  • Accrue value in skills, products and property

  • GAIA Fan Club inbound production dev
  • Interface of technology and culture
  • TimeBank project management
  • Eco-Eco Village development
  • Pay-it-forward site investment
  • Sub-rural protection service sales
  • Suburban markets sales and service



Indoor/Outdoor Grow, Harvest & Sell

four season food supply


  • Adaptive dome development
  • Four-season greenhouse crops
  • Soil & field enrichment
  • Ecological boundary barriers
  • Ecological remediation

  • GAIA Fan Club outbound market development
  • Interface of technology and culture
  • TimeBank portfolio management,
  • Pay-it-forward investing,
  • Sub-rural protection,
  • Suburban markets access.