Adaptive Dome Housing and Resource Development

Due to increasing natural disasters and shrinking response capabilities,
replacement costs are not getting smaller or less frequent.

GAIA Fan Club Features:

  • affordable housing co-ownership,
  • Permaculture resource design and management,
  • regenerative agricultural reductionism to fit,
  • economical design interface of tech and culture,
  • ecological design for all season food supply, and
  • sustainable eco-eco village markets and network states.


Capitalism's Climate Crisis

Why Capitalism is Killing Us (And The Planet) | Our Changing Climate | May 7, 2021 | 13:46


Invest  Own  Rent  Sell  Live

learn, earn and prosper


  • What helps persons with MCS works well for others too
  • Hypoallergenic adaptive dome structures
  • Lower healthy housing costs and boost supply
  • Harden domes to resist fire, flood, wind, snow and other natural disasters
  • Low maintenance high performance appliances
  • Low cost appliance swaps or upgrades
  • Independent off grid waste, water, and power utilities
  • Permaculture design and upgrades

  • Easy adaptable multi-use work from home utility
  • Climate, fire, flood and wind resistant
  • Inflation resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • Self sufficient

  • Great ways to interact with the able disabled
  • Hypoallergenic adaptive dome structures
  • Assessment of local value added projects can be based on proffered agreement


Learn  Build  Teach  Earn


  • Become a GAIA Fan Club (GFC) Member
  • Join our barter credit exchange
  • Learn about eco-eco relations
  • Choose a path to learn more
  • Sign up for pay-it-forward gigs
  • Rent room and board with credits
  • Apply to build your own dome home

  • Build adaptive dome structures
  • Grow market garden produce
  • Sell surplus to local markets
  • Prosper from GAIA Fan Club activities
  • Accrue value in skills, products and property

  • GAIA Fan Club inbound production dev
  • Interface of technology and culture
  • TimeBank project management
  • Eco-Eco Village development
  • Pay-it-forward site investment
  • Sub-rural protection service sales
  • Suburban markets sales and service


Outdoor  Indoor  Plan  Plant  Harvest

four season food supply


  • Adaptive dome development
  • Four-season greenhouse crops
  • Soil & field enrichment
  • Ecological boundary barriers
  • Ecological remediation

  • GAIA Fan Club outbound market development
  • Interface of technology and culture
  • TimeBank portfolio management,
  • Pay-it-forward investing,
  • Sub-rural protection,
  • Suburban markets access.

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