Peaceful Ways to Restore Civil Rights of the Disenfranchised, Persons who are Born in Canada, Disabled, and Senior Citizens.


What's being done and Who is doing it!

H4H begins where others leave off to get tasks done for GAIA.

H4H archipelagos are metaphors used to describe damaged land or "islands" of land designated for protection, repair and Permaculture Stewardship.


News on Shelter, Medical and Nutrition Shortage in Victoria B.C.


GAIA Fan Club Features:

• affordable housing rental, co-ownership, investment,
• Permaculture resource design and management,
• regenerative agricultural reductionism to fit,
• economical design interface of tech and culture,
• ecological design for all season food supply, and
• sustainable eco-eco village markets & GFC network affiliates.
Relevant Research into MCS and Habitat for Health


Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Diagnosis and founder's treatment guidelines.

The State of MCS 30 Years Later... - 25% of U.S Population Susceptible to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Dr. Bernhoft Says

Alergy and MCS Distinguished Ashford, N. A. and Miller, C. S. 1991. Alergy and MCS Distinguished. (Thesis excerpted from Ashford, M. A. and Miller, C. S. 1991. Chemical Exposures: Low Levels and High Stakes. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold.)

Working Toward Sustainable Development Hack, Brian, 1998. Working Toward Sustainable Development. University of Waterloo, Environmental Studies.

Reducing Our Toxic Burden McGinn, Anne Platt, 2002. Reducing Our Toxic Burden. State of the World 2002, WorldWatch Institute.

Task Force on Environmental Health Report Time for Leadership: Recognizing and Improving Care for those with ME/CFS, FM and ES/MCS.

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